Mariano Akerman

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ARGENTINE PAINTER, CRACK THE BRUSH. On June 26, 2008, three paintings by Mariano Akerman were displayed in the IFWA Center of Islamabad. “Among the Nations,” “Francophonie and company.” And “Amistad” leading to Anwar Abbas to write a new article, translated below. Islamabad: Born in Buenos Aires, Argentine Mariano Akerman is a renowned historian and painter, with a strong control over your brush. It reflects his feelings and thoughts through incredible images, whose shapes and colors surprise and fascinate the public. During an exclusive interview with The Post, Akerman shared some of his thoughts about art. According to him, an artist today can not be the slave of reality but their emperor. . “The artist needs to create a new reality and not merely mimic the existing” Akerman reminds us of the words of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, “It is only with the heart that one looks good; what is essential is invisible. “Akerman states that” appearance is not essential “and he certainly is not a painter of appearances. Recalling his introduction to the field of visual arts, Akerman evokes its very beginnings when to doodles and drawings at two years of age. After receiving encouragement from her aunt Moroca, painter that reveals more of its secrets and propels his artistic confidence. Moroca includes the work of Mariano Akerman in several exhibitions House Painting Argentina in Buenos Aires. As a painter, Mariano Akerman exhibited his work individually or in groups in Argentina, Spain, Japan, the Philippines and Sweden. It also receives twelve international awards. Akerman is expressed by techniques that use water as agent (watercolors and tempera, for example). Also likes to make collages and drawing. The sketches are important to him, since it is also an architect. Considerable symbolism is implied from his work. But the artist refuses to reveal it: “sometimes,” says solemnly. “Talking about art is as necessary as it is dancing to architecture” Mariano Akerman uses brushes his way and consciously try to let go of some traditional methods. It tells us who values ​​creativity and the ability to invent. However, the painter acknowledges that the past is always present in his imagery. Indeed, it is an art historian. Source: Anwar Abbas, “Argentinean painter Who is a dab hand with brush,” The Post, Islamabad, 06.07.08, B-2