Featured Artist – Umair Ghani

I am Umair Ghani, a freelance Photo-Trekker and writer, living in Pakistan. I take photos for myself and for some international postcard and calender agencies and write articles for travel magazines.

I enjoy freedom of the Road and the joy and thrill of adventure. I started teaching American Literature to Post Graduate Classes, but stung by Wanderlust and a passion for everything that’s beautiful, I began wandering in the Himalayas and the Karakorams and quit teaching for Photography and Writing. Photography is appreciation of beauty and expression of inner self for me, and a mystic experience!

I received Prime Minister’s Award for promotion of Pakistani Culture through photography in 2005 and won many national and international photo contests between 2004-2007. I have been participating in international group exhibitions as well.

Photographer/Writer : Umair Ghani

Name : Umair Ghani

City : Lahore, Pakistan

Age : 40

Field : Photographer/Writer


Email : umair.photoarts@gmail.com 

Cell : +92 333 4669844

Website : http://www.photo.net/photos/Awaraagard

Current Motto : A Man can be destroyed, but never defeated.

About your work and vision
I find strength in the realization that I belong to one of the world’s most ancient civilization and live in a richly endowed land. It reflects in my work. I have an inseparable attachment to my people and landscape surrounding my being.


Current projects/activities
Sufism in Pakistan [with a number of foreign photographers and writers]. Cultural Sports/ Cultural Portraits, Text and photography on Indus Valley Civilization.

About Lahore or Pakistani culture
Pakistani cultural Diaspora finds its finest expression in Lahore. Life in this city is a spontaneous expression of idyllic euphoria and very personal romantic sadness. Rapid urbanization and onslaught of commercialism has ripped the city of much of its traditional wealth and it disturbs my heart.Media releases
Interview Published in The Nation, Sunday Plus, Pakistan.
Portfolio Published in Digital photographer Ukraine
Portfolio Published in Photoline, Pakistan.
Interviews and Portfolios published in various Ezines worldwode.

Since when are you in the art scene? 
From 1998.

Why did you choose being an artist as your profession?
Art is human civilization’s greatest accomplishment. It is tough to lead an artistic life. It requires a profound, arduous training and sacrifices no less than of a dervish and a mystic. I find solace in such existence and thus chose to explore this realm.

What do you think should be done to improve the situation of artists in Pakistan?
Create awareness through print and electronic media. Build pressure groups to fight ban and censorship curbing art in society. Create more opportunities and access to forums that deliver freedom of expression and through such activities relate to global mainstream of expression through art.

With which artists have you been working together?
I found tremendous joy in company of Nadeem Khawar, Abdul Razaq Vance, Karl Schuler and Yasuo Osakabe.

What do you think about the Pakistani food scene?
It’s a wonderful, unique experience and above all, something, which I can always call my very own.

Which kind of events do you attend?
Anything related to Pakistani Culture. Cultural Sports, Seminars, Archaeology Conferences, Book Fairs and Painting Exhibitions etc.

Do people need art and music if yes why?
Most definitely, YES!!!! In order to be at peace with themselves and with others. I collect world music, and find solace in art and literature.

What are your upcoming projects?
Currently busy collecting photographs and stories for my books [to be published yet]. Also working on Indus Valley Civilization with help from world’s renowned scholars on the subject.

What kind of music do you like?
Anything from Pure Subcontinent Classical to Western heavy metal is sacred to me.

Who is your inspiration?
In photography it is non other but Steve McCurry.

What is your message?

When there are no more stars
When the winds stop blowing
When the fireflies shine no more
When flowers cease to bloom
Only then people will know
That they can’t eat money!