About Danka

Lahore and Karachi are cultural capitals of Pakistan and offer a wide range of cultural activities. Alike all the major cultural cities such as Paris, London, Berlin or Buenos Aires, they need a strong and independent tool to organize the communication of the cultural events in order to inform the public and establish the essential link between cultural life and public. Lahore and Karachi need to develop a cultural networking spirit, i.e. active co-operation between artists, organizers and the public and cultural management to improve quality of the events, their communication and their organization.

What is Danka?

First, Danka is the website (www.danka.com.pk) on which everybody is offered to announce free of cost ongoing events. Danka’s objective is not to provide any kind of critics or judgement on the quality of the registered event. Our task is to get the widest range of cultural activity registered on the site, and promote the website amid the population by also offering a cultural picture data base, online forums and discussions on culture and related issues. Furthermore publications of directories of cultural centers, cultural and historical places, artists, etc. are planned.

Second, Danka is a networking and management effort dedicated to assist the cultural organizers and artists in their needs. Activities range from event management, exchange programmes and technical assistance to consultancy and marketing. Danka also plans to carry out own cultural projects in the fields of theatre, dance, music, film, poetry, recording, documentation and conservation of art and culture. Feel free to contact the Danka Team for any enquiry.

Our Objectives

To be the link between artists, cultural events organizers and the public by collecting, organizing, providing and broadcasting free information.
To improve cultural activity in Pakistan in terms of quantity and quality.
To establish culture as a strong value.
To culturally educate people and motivate them to add and create their own culture.
To establish Danka as the main reference for cultural information and coordination in Lahore and Karachi and in the future in other cities of Pakistan.