The DANKA Organization / Team

Danka is an open organization. Its work is based on active contribution and feedback of the community. Danka works very close with cultural organizers, the public and the artists and considers them as part of the Danka team. Everybody is welcome to join our team in one of the specified fields to improve cultural activities in Pakistan and abroad. Please contact us at

Danka Headquarters Lahore
11 Firdous Park, Sant Nagar, Lahore, Pakistan
+92 344 4219860 (English)
+92 300 4536811 (Urdu)

or write your enquiries directly to the persons in charge:

Management & Coordination
Lukas Berger, lukas(at) (Lahore)
Sajjad Haier, sajjad(at) (Lahore)
Mansoor Adenwala, mansoor(at) (Karachi)
Dr. Andreas Daniel Matt, andreas(at) (Europe)
(Contact for Marketing, Sponsorship, Co-operations, Finances)

IT & Web Technology
Mansoor Adenwala, mansoor(at) (Karachi)
(Contact for Web-Portal Development, IT Consulting, Technical Questions)

Media , Events & Communication
Sajjad Haider, sajjad(at) (Lahore)
Shaza Nishat Ahmed, shaza(at) (Karachi)
(Contact for Event Management, Media, Journalism and General Enquiries)

Danka Productions (Europe)
Martin Beddeleem, Beatrice Cailmail, productions(at)
(Contact for Events/Workshops in Europe, International Artists Exchange)

Danka – Cultural Guide is supported by proLoka Pakistan