Come On Karachi

Come On Karach! You can’t be lagging that far in events next to Lahore! You guys are twice as big! Someone needs to do some serious event hunting!
well. i think the karachi team you’ve put together needs to woken up or regrouped. cause even lahore danka didnt grow manifold overnight. they had a good team in place.
maybe Karachi is just not that happening as is Lahore…
tch tch.. Mr. Frank Sinatra.. i think karachites are too busy attending events and less involved in uploading them..but sure if it makes you happy… sure karachi isnt as happening.. pat pat..feel better?
come on, dont tell me its so hard to update. somany people in karachi are commenting, obviously many are using the site actively. you should also be able to post these events that you so activey attend
YES Kamran, I concur completely. People such as “ME” who are so busy attending events, but can’t spare a minute to inform others…thats the mentality were trying to change… tsk tsk.. Ufh
ha ha ha .. i can see you’re enjoying this Frank/Tony/Karman .. but seriously what are your partners for Danka Karachi doing? how about some accountability? They can at least upload the many movies showing in karachi cinemas. all they need to do is look at a newspaper.

Where are my comments? Swallowed by your server or censored by your team?
hehe… Hey Rabia, yes sometimes the server does hiccup and things go down the wrong pipe, and occasionally, we do edit/remove comments, but only for really egregious reasons… otherwise, post it up again!
and where is ramzan??? its goooone guys. wake up!!
Khi has better things to do right now than to go for culture – we should put our efforts in security and democracy
hahaha… I think “fighter” has hit on an interesting point. “Fighter” should also stop going to his job or school and really focus on his -pro-democracy and security issues, and leave culture for others. However, I don’t think he/she will do that. I believe that cultural awareness is intertwined with the basic concepts of peace, democracy, and tolerance… its really as simple as that.

I think this should be taken seriously , I always use to visit Danka to check new events… but rightnow as i see {current Situation} half of them are (on board) are posted by me… :'( [No offense to anyone please, sorry if i have become] Please guys share the Events with each other… Regards
Thanks very much to TESS for submitting all the movie info. Thats the spirit we need! :)
Is any one here interested in football? The Pakistan Premier League matches are currently being played in Karachi. I live in USA, otherwise I would have gone to watch the matches, but can someone go to the matches and post some pics and videos for Pakistani football fans living outside the country? The matches are being played at People’s Stadium, KMC Stadium, and Sharafi Goth Stadium until about the end of December. Then the matches will shift to Lahore, and I am sure the Lahoris will go to watch the matches. Use this link to see the schedule:

There are many events in Khi, but we can see less on Danka site, now Danka is publishing newsletter every week, this is Good sign. We are Theater Company in Karachi and belongs from Napa (National Academy of Performing Arts) and Did many Theater and Dance events in Khi, Lahore and Islamabad. we will have Many theater from Jan 2008 to March 2008. I belive, karachiets will appreciate. Thespianz Theater

Dear Thespianz Theatre – I am sure that Karachi has a very lively scene and we hope that you will use the Danka platform to announce your events. We have to work together to announce events and tell other people about Danka – the more people use it, the more events we announce, and the more orgnaziers put events, – the more people come to events and our culture will improve… All the best and eid mubarak