October 12, 2009

Featured Artist – Aqeel Solangi

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I am Aqeel Solangi. Artist (Painter), living and working in Pakistan. I am teaching at NCA (Rawalpindi campus) as an Assistant Professor in the department of Fine arts. At present I am also running my own studio for drawing and painting classes at Harley Street Rawalpindi since June 2007.
I joined Mehboob Painters at Khairpur (Mir’s) Sindh, (a sign and cinema board painter for apprenticeship around 1996-97). Having back ground of that vast field of cinema board painting I joined Department of Fine arts at National College of Arts Lahore in 2000 for pursuing BFA and successfully passed with honours in 2003. Then I enrolled at MA (Hons.) Visual Art at the same institution in 2004 and completed in 2005.

I also worked as an art director and as a designer with Afzal studio and Image Bank in Lahore, where I painted huge size backdrops for commercial and art photography and also designed Photo Albums.

I was awarded the Young Talent award 2006 by Pakistan National Council of the Arts (PNCA) and my work has been collected nationally and internationally including India and in the UK.
I was the recipient of NCA/VITA-CW Pak. Trust art bursary in 2006 to spend a term at the Prince’s School of Traditional Arts London. 

Painter : Aqeel Solangi

Name : Aqeel Solangi

City : Ranipur (Sindh), currently living in Rawalpindi

Age : 26

Field : Painter


Email : aqeelsolangi@gmail.com 

Cell : +92 301 4430556

Website :

Current Motto : Art is nothing more than the shadow of humanity. (Henry James).

About your work and vision
My concerns are about time and memory. I explore non physical realities through the depiction of physical layers. In other words the physical character of the wall (painted layers) gives the impressions of some one’s presence. It is similar like repaint the surrounding and live with that. In that sense each layer is covered with some one’s presence. Purpose for creating that imagery is like those images creates the sort of layers on my mind. In other words each person I meet, every place I visit, they build my memory layer by layer. I took this point and created the imagery of self constructed narratives, in this way I am investigating the association about my own previous time (past). (Clouds, Draperies, and flowers in elliptical light are the personal symbols about something like reminiscence).Current projects/activities: Teaching at NCA (Rwp. campus) as an Assistant Professor in Department of Fine Arts. Running my personal studio for Drawing and Painting at Harley street Rawalpindi.

About Lahore or Pakistani culture:
If we expand the horizon to look beyond ‘Partition’, our culture is rooted in highly prestigious activities, the cultural diversity is the true essence of this country, there is no need to change remaining one but the necessity requires preserving it for next generations.

Work Samples: 
• 2008: International Art Exhibition. Sindh University. Jamshoro. Pakistan 
• 2006: Exhibition of Paintings and Mixed Media works. Nairang Galleries. 
• 2006: 8th National Show. 20th Annual Exhibition Artists Association of Punjab. Alhamra. Lahore.
• 2006: A Vision Of The Future. Exhibition of Young Artists. Alhamra. Lahore.
• 2004: 4th International Exhibition of Calligraphy. Pakistan Calligraph Artist’s Guild (PCG). Alhamra. Lahore.

Next Events: working on my upcoming solo exhibition.

Media releases: 
The News on Sunday “Encore”. January 4, 2004.
Weekly Cutting Edge. June 07-13, 2006.
The Nation Plus metro. May 25, 2006.
The News international, May 25, 2006.
Daily News May 30, 2006.

Since when are you in the music/art scene?

Why did you choose being an artist as your profession?
To become the part of that thread (Art community) which connect with and pay tribute to the Human being’s unlimited and alive expression.

What do you think should be done to improve the situation of artists in Pakistan?
To adapt the contemporary ways of awareness. To provide multiple platforms and debates. To bridge the gap between regional and cosmopolitan Art scene.

What do you think about the Pakistani food scene? 
Its matter of taste, we have a variety of food in all different regions of Pakistan, it is marvelous and that we can say ours.

Which kind of events do you attend? 
any sort of gathering which enhance the visual culture.

Do we really need art and music if yes why? 
Yes, in my opinion Art is about expression and experience, whether it is Dance, Painting, and Singing etc. it keeps alive our souls, and provides a thought for new visions.

What are your upcoming projects? 
Working on my solo exhibition.

What kind of music do you like?
Classical Eastern.

Who is your inspiration?
Ms. Mussarat Mirza (Artist working at Sukkur, Sindh).

What is your message?
“Someone’s opinion of you does not have to become your reality” 
Les Brown