Oct, 2008

Featured Artist – Shahzad Hameed

Shahzad Hameed is an Independent Songwriter / musician based in Lahore, Pakistan. Self taught and active in the 90s Lahore’s Infamous and Reactionary Underground music movement – he got to play with various bands like Dog Tag, Mind Riot, Traveller, Blue Buzz etc. Almost ten years of struggling and playing with bands which eventually faded and didn’t last long, he decided to do his own thing and come up with his own direction and work.

Being self-taught and fiercly Independent minded. He decided to make an album of songs which would finally give his own ideas a voice. Work on his solo debut album “Songs From The NoWhereLand” went on for almost 3 years and was completely an Independent Process. The years of work went on from 2004-2007 (during this time a video for the song “Fish Out Of Water” was released on all major local Pakistani Music Channels and received critical acclaim and got nominated for two Music Channel Awards). The Album’s officially out in stores (nationwide Independent release, along with a new second video for the song “fear”). The Album will also be released online on this very website for free.

Shahzad hameed is supported by an ever changing backins/supporting band. The band’s live sound is an interesting mix of influences and elements giving a raw edge and energy and the at the same time creating an aura of originality and artistic appeal.

Musician : Shahzad Hameed

Name : Shahzad Hameed

City : Lahore

Age : 20

Field : Musician


Email : sh@shahzadhameed.com and shahzad_hameed@hotmail.com

Cell :

Website : shahzadhameed.com

Current Motto : Independent / DIY approach

About his work and vision 
Completely Independent as far as every aspect of my work is concerned. My intention is to make music which is socially relevant and to be opinionated. My music /songs are all theme based and yet have an unique identity. The style of my music is Rock, but I believe it’s a new interpretation and I’ve tried my best to personalize a sound and attitude. During working on my projects it is very important to be honest with myself and my work. How well I’ve managed to do all of this is now up to people to decide, but I know that I tried being as honest with my work as possible. 

There were many limitations in the process of recording the music and sometimes it was difficult to stay concentrated and not to lose motivation, but in the end it was a great experience and I am satisfied with the result.

To reach out to people all around the globe I am using the internet as a self help /marketing tool. On a local level I am finally through with PR work and I am lloking forward now to get as many shows as possible, work on a line-up and of course on future stuff. I also hope to play outside of the country and connect with as many people as possible in any part of the world.

Current projects/activities
trying to work on song ideas for a new second album and to find gigs for myself

About Lahore or Pakistani culture
Lahore has always been a beautiful and culturally vibrant city … being a Lahori (there’s definitely a connection with the city ) 
In the last 10-15 years things have changed rapidly and most of the changes are very cosmetic and superficial and have taken away the original essence of this once very beautiful city 
Consumer culture and a highly corporative environment have been introduced which is affecting society in a destructive way.
Lahore is not what it used to be anymore, but the good thing is that there are still some beautiful parks and a few green belts. I truly hope that it remains safe from the land mafias and the newly cropping ugly plazas and other grotesque structures 

Work Samples
debut album ” Songs From The NowhereLand”

Next Events 
Hoping to get ready for any upcoming events. In these days a lot depends on the security conditions in my country which is going through very turbulent and unpredictable times. As soon as I find out – I will put the info on my website or forward the info to danka.com.pk

Since when are you in the music/art scene?
since 1995 -6

Why did you choose being an artist as your profession?
Cause this is what I like doing and no one tells me how to do it … It is a medium of expression that seems like home to me

What do you think should be done to improve the situation of artists in Pakistan?
A lot can be done but then again the establishments and the policy makers have to do a lot with it. It is a long and a highly opinionated debate and therefore I would appreciate if this question/subject gets more importance and attention (maybe by holding a seminar or open talk forum or something like this) Anyway it would be a good idea to have regular meetings and such seminars/panels to brainstorm about how to improve the situation of all artists. Besides improving the “modern” music scene there should also be a priority in supporting our great local ethnic/folk/classical musicians.

With which artists have you been working together/jamming?
With many people from the local scene (in different bands, jam sessions etc). Mainly self-taught people from the local rock music scene, but also musicians from other fields in Pakistan.

What do you think about the Pakistani food scene?
home food is great !

Which kind of events do you attend?
where I know that there is something I can relate to

Do people need art and music if yes why?
I don’t know .. maybe there should be a survey

What are your upcoming projects?
Right now it’s just working on new song ideas for the next album and also keeping an open mind as far as any other projects or offers that come in my way. I would love to work and make music which is more exciting and which has a broader scope and obviously which is within my reach ( from technical point of view) …

What kind of music do you like?
any music with the right attitude and feel