Apr, 2005

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Today. A programme “Discovering Belgian Art will be held at the International Foreign Women’s Association (IFWA) Centre F-7/1 at 7 pm. Art historian Mariano Akerman will discuss Belgian masterpieces. Among the major achievements of the Belgian artists are the development of the oil painting technique, the fostering of new pictorial styles, the depiction of remarkable images, real and invented, and what may be the most incredible questioning of the concept of reality in the history of Western art. Mariano [Akerman] has researched the works of painter Francis Bacon and architect Louis Kahn. Source: “Egagements: Belgian Art,” Dawn Metropolitan, Islamabad, 26 June 2008, p. 19, illus.


June 26 – “Discovering Belgian Art” Art Appreciation Lecture from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. at the IFWA Center, St. 38, F-7/1, in cooperation w/ the Belgian Embassy & the Alliance Française Islamabad. Art historian Mariano Akerman discusses a select group of Belgian masterpieces, appreciating them from new & unexpected perspectives. The lecture requests no previous knowledge on the topic. Free entry. Source: Community Link Bulletin, United Nations, Islamabad, Vol. 12, No. 13, 24 June 2008, p.1.